First Indian Women of $ 1 Billion Company Co-Founder Ankita Bose Story

First Indian Women of $ 1 Billion Company Co-Founder Ankiti Bose
First Indian Women of $ 1 Billion Company Co-Founder Ankiti Bose

She is a co-founder of ZILINGO, an Asian e-commerce site and now it’s running successfully with 7 million users. She is the first Indian woman to co-found this $1 Billion start-up. Her name is Miss. Ankita Bose.

How and when the journey has begun

When she was 23, she has visited Bangkok / Chatuchak market. Where she was recognized some people that don’t have an opportunity are becoming small scale sellers. And that incident motivated her to start up this and the idea has raised in her mind, but there is lots of competition among these online sites. Then she has followed

  • Amazon

  • Alibaba

  • Flipkart

To implement her owns web site however she stuck because of a lack of opportunities.

Then, she decided to create it like an online marketplace that means to sell directly with the help of her friend Mr. Dhruv Kapoor and some other friends. They have started and implemented their ideas.

Both of them are already employees but they quit from their roles and started working on this.

Nowadays everyone is willing to access the internet and she focused on people. Everything’s and their taste to put all in one place and also make this to use as easy as social networks. She started building out with every capability.

Finally, by next year they on board with hundreds of merchants and offices in



This will work as e-commerce. It allows merchants to log and to list their products and then sellers can verify and pricing, if approved then it allows access to tech support financing and insurance.

For each sale, they charge to 10% to 30% commission on merchants.

Growth of Zilingo

As on date, the business is working with 27000 merchants in 15 regions including more than 500 employees. They have branches of various countries of eight locations as well as

United States of America



and invested millions of dollars for their branches.

The rapid investment’s from investors has reached to $ 970 million in February 2019

Receive $308 million funding’s from investors and also from EDBI(Economic Development Board Investments) and Sovereign fund Temasek.

Zilingo’s latest survey concerning fundings is that it crossed nearly $1 Billion.

This achievement of Ankita Bose turned into an inspiration for all the Indian women entrepreneurs to transform themselves into successful leaders particularly all-around Asia.

It also created opportunities for young designers who have the interest to enter Asia’s new markets.

The most interesting fact is that this startup has been grown and in the top position within a short period of 4 years.

Ankita Bose of first Indian women $ 1 Billion achievements:

She is proud of ranking India as 52nd out of 57 countries to nurture women entrepreneurs the same as in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh.

Her statements about choosing fashion as their priority:

“We don’t put as much emphasis and importance on some of the more glamorous labels in our industry,” said Bose. “But I still suppose it’s a huge achievement for us. The team and it simply helps us think more about how big and audacious this whole thing can be.”

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