How to Build Successful Life from Bottom to Top

How to Build Successful Life
How to Build Successful Life

Past / Present / Future – Why these three are having equal priority, these are the most important to every human life. So we need to get to motivate and learn from past /present, finally, we will focus on the future to build a successful life.

The key points are 1. Learn from past 2. Plan in the present 3. Live your future.

 How to build a successful life

There is a lot of options for intelligence and a successful life.

  1. Logical
  2. Logistical
  3. Mathematical
  4. Musical
  5. Interpersonal
  6. Intrapersonal
  7. Spiritual
  8. Natural
  9. Chemist tic

From all these options, You can pick out at least 4 dominant preferences for intelligence. Your carrier will be better than normal. You will achieve your goals and you will build a successful life.

 What are the steps to follow?

We must focus on “ASK”, that means 1. Attitude 2. Skills 3. Knowledge


  • In a day the most prominent hours are first two and last two, if you focus on first two hours of good & positive thoughts on every day then it will boost up you to the last two hours


  • Fight with positive and negative emotions, but avoid the negative things only you must choose always positive emotions. Always think about your dreams on daily, eventually, you will achieve your goal


  • Look some good words to motivate from great leaders. If you have the right attitude you can make a heaven out of hell


Moreover, about role & money 

  • If you don’t have a purpose/reason, then how you plan to earn money. The future is an exciting present that will become inspiring. If the future is inspiring present becomes exciting.
  • Be dedicated, you will be genius in any field within short periods. Never bother about survival without a job you may survive.

Reinvent your future

R – Realistic (strength, weakness, opportunities)

E – Energize the engine (big goals)

I – Question your intelligence

N – New

V – Vocation to vacation

E – Extraordinary excellence

T – Train your brain

Girl Jumping in a Field Life Quotes
How to Build Successful Life from Bottom to Top

Why past for future

Besides this past is the best teacher that teaches you a lot about life, maybe you’re a failure of your past but you have already aware of that wrong steps because most probably you have learned so many lessons.

So, press those things like juice and throw the bad of the past like a puppet. Now add some ideas, strategies like sugar, finally taste (enjoy) your awesome juice (future).

The best example: Sachin Tendulkar has got failed in English subject in his schooling, everyone was looking at him as a failure man.

When he was a success in his cricket carrier, Maharashtra Government had announced that his story bio lessons were added in English subject.

How to determine the way

Firstly, everyone should know the sense of purpose of their action and imagine excellence in outcomes.

Person – Learning age to Earning age

In learning age:

L – Learn everything and try everything, make a key to unlock your future’s door set a goal

In Earning age:

Keep focus, commit, contact yourself and others to assist your way, reach your destiny.

Past / present — starts build (progress)—turn to success (future)

Everyone will make a dream about their roles and goals but only dreaming cannot take you to your destiny. Your hard work and action will help you out. That change has to begin from your past/present if you can’t change your present but you can change your future.

Need to remember, be ready to face anything and take it as a challenge. There is no short solution. Balance your negative thoughts and positive thoughts, try to keep track of your day to day missions.


You must make opportunities if you feared with problems it will be bigger than you, if you turn and fight with problems, you will be bigger than issues.
One simple principle can change your life, that is “hard-working” it will change your past/present and make a golden future. There is no failure in life if you have positive thinking. Remember these all-important points to build a successful life. If you like the post share to others.