How to Raise Humility and Not Arrogance in Your Life


Education must raise humility, not arrogance. Discover the importance of a humble approach. Read more.

The great poet Kalidasa once reached a small village in the middle of a hot summer afternoon.

An old man comes out of the inside of the hut and says, “Who are you? Where are you coming from?

Kalidasa says, “What is the point of not knowing who I am? I am a great scholar. Ask anyone and they will tell you “

The old women smiled when he heard those words and replied, you are lying.

Kalidasa thinks for a while and says, “I don’t know. My throat is dry. Give me water first. “I am very thirsty.

Ok, now tell me who you are. “Old women ask again?

Person behaving arrogant
Raise humility

This time, Kalidasa says, “I am on my way.”

There are two passers-by in this world who tirelessly wander, they are the sun and the moon, “said old women

Kalidasa replies, “I am a guest.”

Give me water. Otherwise, I am going to die of thirst, “Kalidasa pleads.”

“You are lying again. There are two guests in this creation. One is money, and the other is youth. No one knows when they will come and go, “says the old women.”

Kalidasa begs, “After my patience test, give me water.”

There are only two tolerant people in this world. “One is earth, and the other is a tree, tell me the truth, who are you?”

Impatient, Kalidasa goes on to say, “I am an idiot. Give water to this idiot now. “

The grandmother laughs and says, “This is untrue. There are two fools in this kingdom. One is the king who rules this kingdom. He rules over people without merit.

With that answer, Kalidasa gets to know, she is a goddess. He realized and fell on her feet and apologized.

That grandmother is Sarasvati Devi. She said, Son! Humility should be cultivated with education, not arrogance.

When a man is well-educated, powerful, and financially secure, it is simple for him to develop arrogance. But let’s face it, nobody looks good doing it.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these things in no way impact how valuable we are as people.

So, let’s maintain our cool and use what we must improve the world we live in. After all, real strength comes from love and kindness, not from arrogance.

It is important to recognize the difference between humble and humility. 

humble yourself under the mighty hand of God.Learn the power of humility and how it can transform your life and how to effectively humble an arrogant person with our story. 

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