The Power of Talent and Help: How to Make a Difference


This story describes talent and help

A man wearing a torn, tattered shirt arrives at a large hotel with his 15-year-old daughter.

Seeing the two of them sitting on a chair, a waiter put two glasses of cold water in front of them and asked what to bring for them.

The man said, I promised our girl that if she came first in her tenth grade in the district, she would feed Dosha at the biggest hotel in the city.

Our girl, on the other hand, kept her word. So please bring a Dosa for her, “he was asked. Waiter asked him, “What do you want?” He said, with a slightly sad heart, “I only have a can that fits a Dosa. So, I don’t want anything else!

After hearing the matter, the waiter was upset and went to the owner and said, I think we will give them both a good treat.

Now I have no money, so you take their bill amount from my salary. Then it happened. The owner greeted the waiter and said, “Today we’re going to a party for them on behalf of our hotel. The waiter was very pleased to hear this.

talent and help
talent and help

The hotel nicely decorated a table. The poor girl celebrated the victory very wonderfully with all those who were in the hotel.

The owner gave them three Dosa and packed the sweets in a large bag for the neighbors to share. The father and daughter left with tears in their eyes, thanking the waiter and the hotel owner for honoring them so much.

Time has passed (a few years later).

One day, that girl was an I.A.S. She passed the test and became a collector in that city. She sent his servant to the same hotel and told her that the collector would come for breakfast.

The hotel owner immediately decorated a table. Upon hearing this news, the whole hotel was packed with customers eager to see the collector.

The same girl, who was a collector, came to the hotel with her parents, laughing. Everyone looked at her and stood in honor. The hotel owner presented her with a bouquet of flowers, and the waiter requested a food order, she said, “You two may not recognize me.

Support to people
talent and help

You know, one day when I came to your hotel with my father, I was ranked first in my studies. Not only did you not ask for a penny, but you treated us richly.

As a true example of humanity, you people gave a wonderful party and packed sweets to give not only to us but also to our neighbors.

Today I became a collector because of your blessings. I will always remember both of you throughout my life. Today, this party is on my behalf, and I will bill all the customers here and the entire hotel staff.

In front of everyone, the hotel owner as well as the waiter were honored.

Let us stop dismissing poverty and start celebrating the amazing skills of those who live in it. These individuals, filled with talent and help, deserve our complete attention and support.

Let us encourage and inspire them to realize their greatest potential and fulfill their goals. We can work together to make poverty no longer a barrier to achievement.

The power of talent and help cannot be underestimated in achieving success. By identifying and developing our own talents and seeking help from others, we can achieve even greater success than we could on our own.


Images source: Freepik