Why Do We Need Elder People?


The handle of the tea cup broke. We use it to cover any buds or pins!

The blanket was torn. We fold it in four and use it as a foot wipe!

The pot is broken! We are using it under the flowerpot!

Why are we putting the elderly in old age homes when their earning power is gone?

Is muscle strength useful?

Why not use their experience and knowledge?

Moreover, we are distributing fruits in old people’s homes, showing sympathy for them, and pretending to do something divine!

A feeling of indifference towards the elderly is very prevalent in our country!

The age of the two candidates running for the US presidency is 80 for one and 76 for another!

They are competitors for a key position that will determine the world’s future!

Take a look at how old they were when they won the Nobel Prize. Almost everyone is old!


We do not understand what we are missing in our country!

Go to an elderly doctor to find out what the benefit is.

Go to an elderly, experienced lawyer. Very wise advice is available.

You know how to approach an older artist!

The elderly in any field are actually a treasure in that field!

Consume them to learn more!

If they use their experience, they will be very enthusiastic and useful. Over and over, their health improves.

The real wealth of the country! Their experience, wisdom: not good for the country, society, families?

Think! why do we need elder people?