Must Follow Some Useful Traditions & Customs

Useful Customs
Traditions and Customs

Traditions and customs are meant to be good and put everyone at peace. They are still plenty of customs to follow and those should be shared by everyone taking as individual responsibility.

  • Never shave or bob hair on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • People should not bob/shave in the same house at the same time.
  • Brothers/father-son duo should not shave on the same day.
  • We should not wash hands on the plate that we eat.
  • Don’t exchange oil and salt through hands.
  • Don’t disclose broom in front of people who visit our home.
  • Should not Sweep house after 5’0 PM
  • Never eat in bed.
  • Let’s not dry clothes on doors.
  • Switch on lights in the home every day when its 6 PM and close the door except the main door.
  • The person who is head of the family should water the plants in the garden.
  • Don’t hang any evil pictures in-front of home.
  • Don’t lend your money to others on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Water your legs and go inside your house when you coming from outside.
  • Pray god as the first thing in the morning after you wake up.
  • Place mirror on north-facing in your home.
  • Don’t sleep by placing your head on the north side.
  • When you buy new rice bags, feed the god first.
  • Don’t hang pictures of people who died in Home Mandir.
  • Never ask someone where they going while they about to go.
  • Don’t wash your legs when you coming from the temple.
  • Don’t face the east and west side while you are in lavatory.

So that we need to keep following all traditions and customs  for good culture