Think Positive Always Forever for Better Life!

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Today when we see in our society so many youth and students think very low about them. Do they have thoughts like me?  To the stage? No, I can’t talk on stage.. Me? That’s such a big job? No, I can’t  get that job Me? No, I can’t communicate with others…

How such ideas came to us? These thoughts came from the society we live in that seeks out negativity. I can’t do… it’s difficult… it’s impossible… all these thoughts come because of our society. Society includes all types of people like our parents, teachers, elders and so on.

For example, there is one student who is very intelligent. Once he got fewer marks in maths. The teacher said you are weak in maths. When the student listened to his teacher then he taught he is weak in maths.

Next time he feared maths subject, he is not interested, he can’t concentrate on maths and got fewer marks in the next maths exam. Then his parents said our child became weak in maths.

Then his uncle comes and tells them that maths is done by Intelligent and genius people. So then that child thinks he doesn’t have talent. Finally, he got the best marks on all exams but he fails in maths.

Why because that intelligent child is feared of that subject and thinks that he is not talented and he is not that genius.

Why this clever student became a failure student? what is the reason he got such a mindset? it is difficult, I don’t have much talent, I’m not genius such taught made him weak. This is not only for studies.

If we want to communicate with others, to talk English, to communicate on stage, to start a new business, to apply for a big job…. everything which comes in our life is stopped because of fear. So always think positive.

So that leaves it the fear and get good opportunities in life, good luck.

“Think positive always forever for a better life”

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