What Happens If We Get All Free?


What happens if we get all free from others (government or rulers)

During their chitchat, an economics professor told his friends.

At the college where I work, there has never been a single student who has failed.

However, there was a time when the entire class failed.

The rest of them inquired as to how they could do so.

One of the class students asked me that time.

Do not be the top ranker or the lowest ranker in the class. Everyone needs the same rank.

Add all the students’ marks, subtract the average, and give the ranks.

Everyone received a B on average during the first semester.

Everyone got a D-rank in the 2nd semester.

Everyone in the third semester received an F.

Everyone failed the final exams.

All the students were tense.

Well, people might still moan, but at the very least, expectations have been set.

Students who read less consider how intelligent they are readers and why they have quit reading entirely.

distroyed 1

This experiment teaches you four things:

  1. The law does not have the power to make the poor rich.

    But by the same law, the rich can be made poor.

2.This implies that one receives everything for free.
Others are attempting to distribute it for free.

3. Nothing is given away for free by the government.
If the government gives everything away for free, what is the point of having a        government? The economy will go down and there will be inflation.It will                  eventually be destroyed.

4. Wealth creation does not happen if what exists is shared.

    The hills that sit and eat melt away.

    Half of the people are to blame for our problems.

 If you want all of us to be free,

The other half work hard and provide what they need for free.

Why is it so difficult to get these individuals to sit down and care for someone if we don’t struggle?

That is where the seeds of doom germinate.

For the sake of the country’s future generations, consider not partying unless you’ve talked it up with four other individuals first.