Suicide: Reasons Why People Commit Suicides

Suicide - Reasons Why People Commit Suicides
Suicide - Reasons Why People Commit Suicides

What is your opinion about suicide? for me, suicide is a crime. Even it is an act of ending our own life, I feel that we don’t have the right to kill our own life. Suicide will never be the solution to our problems, it kills you instead of problems. Let’s dig more on this for knowing reasons why people commit suicides.

I wonder, even that person thinks about the consequences when he/she having suicide thought in their mind.  There might be much reason behind such a daring step but what about the many things that they left behind, they might be people or responsibilities, whatever. If people who sicken their head with the thoughts of suicide think about such consequences then there will be some positive effect on their thoughts.

There must be many painful reasons just can justify one’s suicide. But the thing is to do that person has even tried to get out of such painful situations. Does the person even fight for his/her life to get better? life is a stress-indulging game where we have to face many problems but when we indulge fighting spirit for every problem is what makes our life beautiful.

Over 16.4% of suicides per 100,000 people in India for the year 2019. Most of the suicide cases occur in young people who age from 15 to 29. Let’s know what comes the main common reasons for suicide.

Reasons why people commit suicides

Cause of Severe Depression

Depression will always lead people to feel hopeless and emotional pain. If this depression goes up to the peaks level, it will make them unable to see any way to live life and ends up their own life. It stated in recent surveys that depression is one cause that is common in 50% of suicidal attempts.

So, it’s necessary to be aware of what kind of condition we are in, one should always try to take care of his/her mental condition. And, we should observe if there are any certain changes in their behavior. They have to start curing themselves. Being positive in every situation will often help to get rid of such depression issues.

Suicide - Reasons Why People Commit Suicides
Suicide – Reasons Why People Commit Suicides

Fear of Losing Everything

Everyone will have this kind of fear in life. No one can afford to lose something so important. But that doesn’t we should end up our life when we lose any of those important things in life, be it a person or some other thing. Some of the situations may include:

  • End of the love relationship or close friendship.
  • Losing a job or if the person is unemployed.
  • Sudden fall in financial status.
  • Losing social position.
  • Academic failures

These are some common reasons in fear of losing category. People go under emotional breakdown when they had a breakup in a relationship or friendship. Some might get out of it within time but some sensitive people couldn’t take such pain and end up their life. The same happens in cases like losing a job or financial status or academic failures etc.

Life is all about ups and downs. One must always set some serious stand themselves and should believe that everything will be solved according to time.

Bullying, Shaming, Cyber bullying

Nowadays, it became so trend to bully other people. People don’t even think once before they say anything about others. There are a lot of people who harass, bully or shame others. People even don’t stop bullying in the cyber world also. Women are the main victims in such cases. Maybe they find happiness in that but don’t know-how. But, because of someone’s ill manners, we shouldn’t end up our life. We have to fight back no matter what and should always be ready to give slipper shot on them who bully others.

Also, there are some more reasons that include as follows

  • Health issues
  • Hopelessness
  • Believing that no one loves you.
  • Social Isolation.

Whatever the reason might be. We would suggest that one person should always learn to fight for himself/herself in every tough situation. This might help to get rid of suicidal thoughts.

Also, some prevention’s include

  • Stay with positive people.
  • Always share your thoughts with someone close to you.
  • Stay away from the things/people that might cause problems.
  • Try to be fit and healthy.
  • Yoga, meditation will be helpful for a peaceful mind.

In conclusion, suicide is not the only option for your problems. Never try to end up your own unnecessarily. Make life beautiful in your way. Live with positive thinking and confidence


  1. Leakage of limited knowledge, leakage of religious knowledge , unsatisfactory of wealth and more expectation than what he gained makes people commit suicide . No one will commit suicide if he think that he is better other, who have nothing . He is better than a blind man . He is better than an one lagged man , he is better than a orphan . Think positive and satisfy with your own what you got from almighty .