Do You Want Parents? Do You Want to Live Abroad?

old parents
old parents

Do you want parents? Do you want to live abroad?

In the meantime, I went to an expensive old age home.

It’s expensive because there are almost ninety parents there.

Monthly payments are in dollars. Children pay a lot of money for their parents to live comfortably in an old age home. Most of the people here have big houses, some have farms and properties. No one is caring, or they are going to the old age homes without being able to stay in the big, big houses. Children living abroad are enrolled.

When I left, there was an NRI named Durga Prasad. His mother was in the old age home. He was coming for six months. I wanted to talk to him. We walked along the mounds outside the ashram.

How is your mother now?” I asked. “That’s fine. She is getting old. Those are old age-related problems. I said,

What if she suddenly had something to do?

The old age home takes care of my mother. They will inform me if anything happens. There are our big house properties in Jubilee Hills. My daddy died suddenly accidentally. We put my mother here.

Is there a house here? Do you have assets and are still in America? Why?

We won’t stay here, said Durga Prasad

Why not?

My wife, the kids don’t come. It’s hard to leave if you get used to American life.

What’s up there? Tell me truth. The mother who gave birth to you is not there.

I come occasionally, said Durga Prasad

Sorry … don’t think I’m talking like that. I’m researching this topic. I’ve been wandering around a lot of old age homes. I’m talking to a lot of parents. Their experiences, their love for children,

“Their eyes watering”

Our mother is also the same. Let’s sit here. I want to tell you about our mother.

Sure, Mom is sleeping too, Durga Prasad said.

We were sitting on a bench there. I am the only son of our mother and father. I went to PG and stayed in America. PG was completed, got a good job there, got married, had children. Weekend parties, travel, and a lavish lifestyle. Occasional visits to India, staying around one night my father died of a sudden heart attack. My mother was unconscious all night. She went into shock. She did not remember that my father was dead. It makes me cry. Amma is not crying. To the hospital.

Amma is surrounded by relatives. Half an hour later, Dad’s corpse was brought from the mortuary. His mother broke down while he was taking his last bath. I understood that Dad was not there. It’s all over. I asked my mother if you could also come to America. She denied it. Fifty years of association with this house, your father. I’ll be right here. Coming from nowhere.

parents and son
parents and son

I want you to be able to guess my condition. My mother takes many types of medications. My father has taken care of my mother for years so far. I left my mother. I put a close relative in charge of taking care of the mother.

I went but returned in fifteen days. Went again. I came again.

My twists and turns stirred up trouble in the house. My travel expenses have skyrocketed.

Amma, who lives alone in such a big house, remembers that the lump did not go down. Remember, the mother who was mourning the loss of her companion. The love that my mother shared throughout my life, I hated myself for forgetting affection and turning my life into a machine. One day, I sat down with my two children and told them about my condition.

Daddy can talk to Nanny on Skype. I said I wanted to go to India.

Will you ruin your career for an old lady?

Daddy, we are not coming to that filthy India. Both screamed at the same time.

I said, if I die, will you leave your mother as I did?

My wife and children were castrated.

I’m not asking you all to come with me. I know your studies will be ruined. You stay right here. I will go.

A lot of arguments were made over it.

Daddy, why are you leaving America and giving up such a good life and going to India?  My daughter stated that

There is my mother, your grandmother, who raised me all her life. Can’t I leave my mother, who raised me alone?  I cried. I cried heartily. Within a month after that, I went to India after sorting out everything, resigning from the job.

It’s been 5 years since I came. Anxious about our father, my mother passed away ill. These five years with Amma have given me a lot of satisfaction and happiness. After that, my wife and children also came. For a long time, I have been wandering around old homes like this and telling my story. I would say it’s better than America.

“Water in Durga Prasad’s eyes”

Suddenly left me and went to his mother’s room.

As a storyteller, what I am saying is

“Wholeheartedly, while your parents are still alive and repay the debt they owe by sharing the affections they shared in childhood. What is the result of crying so much after time has melted away?” Everyone must obey