God and Evil Reality Changed in 4 Ages! Must Know

4 Yuga
4 Yuga

Intro to God and Evil:

Today the topic of the day is how fast God and evil have been changed with the 4 passed yugas.

Yuga means age, generation.

There are 4 yugas in the cycle and that revolve one after one.

We are now in the last yuga of the cycle.

What are the 4 yugas of our world?

  1. Sat Yuga.

  2. Treta-Yuga.

  3. Dvapara-Yuga.

  4. Kali-yuga.


1.Coming to the Sat-yuga a good and evil were in two different worlds.

Every time there is a war between these two worlds against good and bad.

The two worlds are – Devlok and Asurlok.

Clear theme:

Natural evil and evil world have ruled one part of the whole world.

However, the good can successfully defeat the bad with the help of God.

At the point when the psyche, knowledge, and faculties are decidedly fixed in the method of goodness, that time ought to be perceived as Sat-yuga, the time of truth. Individuals at that point enjoy information and starkness.

This yuga begins with people having a normal life expectancy of 100,000 years.

Individuals of Satya-yuga are generally smug, forgiving, agreeable to all, tranquil, calm, and lenient. They take their pleasure from the inside, see all things similarly and consistently attempt industriously for profound flawlessness.

2. Coming to the Treta-yuga a good and evil live in the same world.

For ending up the bad and helping people, good has been taken birth.

In the world, they are Rama (good), Ravana (bad). 

 Clear theme:

O most astute one, when the adapted spirits are given to their obligations yet have ulterior intentions and look for individual notoriety, you ought to see such a circumstance to be the time of Treta, in which the elements of energy are conspicuous.

This yuga begins with people having a normal life expectancy of 10,000 years.

People trust God and they trust that the existence of God is real and he will protect us.

Proof of God is shown by God’s birth and how he killed the bad to protect the good.

In the Treta age, individuals are given ceremonial exhibitions and extreme severeities. They are not unnecessarily brutal or extremely robust after exotic joy. Their advantage lies basically in strictness, financial turn of events, and managed sense satisfaction, and they accomplish thriving by following the remedies of the three Vedas. Although in this age society advances into four separate classes, O King, the vast majority are Brahman’s.

3. Coming to the Dvapara-yuga a Good and evil were in the same family.

The same family people were born with good and bad.

Every time wars must take place between the good and bad.

They were: kauravas, pandavas.

Clear theme:

At the point when covetousness, disappointment, bogus pride, lip service, and jealousy become conspicuous, alongside fascination for self-centered exercises, such a period is the time of Dvapara, overwhelmed by the blended methods of energy and obliviousness.

This yuga begins with people having a normal life expectancy of 1000 years.

In the Dvapara age, individuals are keen on wonder and are extremely respectable. They dedicate themselves to the investigation of the Vedas, have incredible lavishness, uphold enormous families and appreciate existence with power. Of the four classes, the Kshatriya and Brahmans are generally varied.

4. Coming to the Kali-yuga a Good and bad in the same person.

Clear theme:

When there is a power of cheating, lying, sloth, drowsiness, viciousness, discouragement, groan, bewilderment, dread, and neediness, that age is Kali, the age of the method of obliviousness.

This yuga begins with people having a normal life expectancy of 100 years.

Good and evil in the same personality and been the toughest part to calculate.

In the Kali age, individuals will in general be covetous, not well-acted, and cruel, and they battle each other without valid justification. Awful and fixated on material longings, individuals of the Kali-yuga are practically all Sudra’s and savages.


The people in the first two yugas are omnipotent and when good and evil come to the same family after that same person, people’s power has been decreased and getting issues with the body as well as others (people, society).

Once upon a time, it had been clear who is good and who is bad?

Now, who is good? And who is bad?

It is a question that has been not understandable to scientists itself.

Does anyone know where the evil is in Kaliyuga?

It is obviously no.


Every person is half bonded with good and another half with bad.

What does it mean?

May every person handle those multi personalities.

What is the solution to overcome?

Trusting the good and the supernatural power also with trust in the existence of God will help you to overcome the negativeness.

If people try to understand the motive of Yugas and try following the previous cycle, maybe it would be the better thing that will represent human nature and equality that will help for growth, health, wealth, positives for every common person.