This is Why Swiss Time Bank is a fantastic idea. is Going Viral !


That’s a fantastic idea. Read it once! Observation of a student studying in Switzerland about Time Bank

When I was studying in Switzerland, I rented a room near a school. The owner of our house, 67, is a single woman who has retired as a government teacher. She can live comfortably with her pension. However, she was able to serve an 87-year-old man. Are you working for money? I asked. I’m not working for money; I’ve hidden my time in a “time bank.” In old age, I will reuse it in immovable conditions.

When I first heard about the idea of time banking, her remark startled me and piqued my interest in it.

Time Bank is an old-age pension program set up by the Swiss Ministry of Social Security. For the elderly, Serve those who are sick, save time, and use it back when they need it. Applicants must be in perfect health and have the ability to communicate lovingly. So she went to serve the elderly for two hours a day, two days a week.
According to the agreement, Time Bank would issue a “Time bank card” a year after her service. One day, when I was at school, she called me and told me that I had slipped on the stool while cleaning the window.
I immediately took my leave and took her to the hospital. She broke her heel and had to stay in bed for a while. If I was preparing to stay home for a few days She had nothing to worry about. She had already applied to Time Bank. Surprisingly, Time Bank sent a volunteer to serve her within two hours.
Throughout the month, the volunteer looked after her every day, cooking delicious meals and chatting. With proper care, she soon recovered and began to do her own thing again. Nowadays, it is very common in Switzerland for time banks to serve the elderly. This policy not only reduces the cost of national insurance but also solves many social problems.
The Swiss people are also expressing full support for this policy. According to a survey, half of all Swiss citizens are willing to take part in the process. The government has also legalized this “time bank” policy. The gradual growth of “living alone old people” is now becoming a social problem, even in Asian countries. Think…! Isn’t Switzerland’s “Time Bank” policy a great alternative for us too? Life is others service.
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