Limitations: Why Should We Have Limits to Everything

Limitations: Why Should We Have Limits to Everything

There will be certain things that we should not go beyond limitations. Going to an extent will often lead you to many problems. So everything should be in a limit because doing too much in anything will hurt you so much. Limitations reasons why should we have limits to everything

Considering and setting limits is quite an important part of life management. On the one hand, there are some laws of physics limit us and our potential. And, on the other hand, we must also set some limitation for our self to keep up within the boundaries having discipline and make things easy to achieve our goals.

Limitations in one’s life are nothing but minimums and maximums in lives. We see many people around us who always go extent in everything that they do. There might be many reasons behind it. Some are as follows.

Person’s Pride

People who obsessed with pride in society will always try to do everything to the extent. Nowadays, it’s been a fashion for grand weddings to show off in society. Even middle-class people opting for grand marriages going mad for so-called pride in society. Ultimately, they will end up in debt.

Superstitious Belief

Superstition is the death of a thinking mind. These are just habits with no benefits. If one has a habit of keeping such a belief, it will drain your life completely. For instance, we often see some people go to an extent in their belief in god. Those people end up hurting others’ feelings who have less belief in god. This world has a place for everyone. And everyone has the right to live up to their mind-set.

Obsession Over Things

There are always people who buy a lot of things irrespective of the purpose. Out of obsession, they get few things which of no use for them. And, there are some people can’t stop themselves from buying extra quantity even they brought enough of their needs. These are unnecessary things which give us anything but they can put in regrets. Obsession is not good every time.

Competitive Mind is Everything

Having a competitive mindset is good but it should be always in a healthy way. The world has been competitive, so we expect more people will have this competitive mindset. Ultimately, these competitive mindset people end up competing in everything even it’s not necessary. For instance, we see people buy things because of some others the same thing.

There are some other kinds of people who always compete to buy better things than others. This kind of thing is not at all healthy. Always live in your limitations

Even though there are more reasons but people have to give a thought on the above reasons.

Also, there are some points to be noted.

  • It’s good to have a desire for high valued income.

    But it is not good if your occupation is a wrong deed.

  • It’s good to be devotional.

    But it’s not good if you hurt others’ feelings.

  • It’s good to show an excessive amount of love for your wife and children.

    But it’s never pay off if you leave your parents as orphans.

  • It’s good to have desires

    But the things you desire for shouldn’t be greedy.

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