Reasons Why We Have to Feel Lucky in Our Life

Why We Have to Feel Lucky in Our Life
Why We Have to Feel Lucky in Our Life

People always search for reasons to get depressed and feel unlucky. But they fail to realize that we have many reasons why we have to feel lucky in our life.

Everyone indeed passes this phase in their life where they feel like life is full of disappointments. But the thing we forget to realize that we are lucky in all ways.

Yes, everyone should feel lucky for the existence in this world on every passing day. We should be thankful for what we have because many others might not have even what we have in their life.

Many people get depressed with their life for some sort of problem. When we know that life is full of disappointments, failures, and setbacks, we have to keep moving forward.

Accepting reality is much more important and fighting for yourself is all that we need to overcome from such disappointments. Instead of doing that we get depressed to an extent and that will leads to many health issues.

Have you ever realized that we are so lucky according to many people in this world? Let’s realize how lucky we are.

Reasons why we have to feel lucky in our life:

  • What was the first thing you do once you woke up? I will be thanking God for one more beautiful day in my life, unlike many others who had lost their lives last night or who diagnosed with some serious disease.

 Mornings will come, it has no choice. If you are good to welcome it, you are lucky enough.

  • I am very thankful to my parents for giving me life in a well-settled family because I feel subdued whenever I see orphans or someone who is abandoned by people.

 It’s good we still have people around us to take care of whenever we are depressed. Feel lucky for having people who can listen to you.

  • Many soldiers work putting their own life at risk to save their country people. If you are not one of them, you no need to fear about someone attacking you.

Always be grateful to them and feel lucky that many soldiers are being a shield that covers us from many wars.

  • 75% of people in the world are poor. If you can dress up well and eat good food then you are better than that 75 % of people.

Never a complaint about the things that you don’t have. Learn to appreciate what we have.

  • If you have enough money to spend for a day and have enough balance in your bank account, you are one of the people in 8% of the richest people in the world.

Life looks beautiful only when you wholeheartedly accept it.

  • There are 5% of children in the world whose parents