The Cow Smiled Sadly: A Reflection on Life and Injustice

A group of hands forming a circle, symbolizing unity and connection, on a pink background. Saying life and injustice
A group of hands forming a circle, symbolizing unity and connection, on a pink background.

The cow smiled sadly and looked at him.
The butcher looked back at him and said, “Are you aware of why you’re laughing?”
The cow answered, I smiled about my life and injustice “I’ve never eaten meat,” that.
However, my death will be painful.

Don’t fool yourself: killing me and eating my flesh means hurting someone who hasn’t hurt anyone else.

I laughed at the thought of how terrible your fate must be.
I grew and grew you; I overcame your descendants. And yet I ate nothing but grass.

Butter was created from milk, while ghee was produced from butter.
My bodily waste was used by humans as fuel for fires to cook food.

I improved the soil with my manure, which led to an increase in crops.
You lived off this wealth, I lived off ruined food and dry straw.

My garbage created biogas, which chased the darkness out of your homes.
And yet you would have me killed with the cruel harshness of a criminal.

You could wield an instrument that would kill me thanks to the strength found in my milk.
It was me who gave you the ability to use such a weapon.

You gained an adequate income and built a home because of my contributions.
But you restricted me to nothing more than a hut.

My help is greater than even your mother’s.
What is the reason behind your severe punishment of me?

If you continue to destroy my family,
You will also perish. We have served your forefathers very much.

However, your mind has not changed. You are cutting your branch.

If this continues, how will you survive? I feel sorry for you, I regret how your life will be at the end.
So, it was my thoughts on your fate that made me laugh,” the cow added.

Quotes of the day “If nature is destroyed, man’s life becomes miserable.” And “life without righteousness leads to disaster.”