Your Last Days Between Four Walls
Old age couples

In this busy society, people tend to work even they get old. It’s a known fact that people love money more than humans. Don’t spend your last days between four walls

People show some value and respect to others only when they have some income or when they need something from them.

Today’s scenario in this harsh society has been too selfish. In some families it was too worse than we expect, the younger generation from those families always looks down on older people, and they only value them for their income because people working hard even in their 50. When it comes to women, they were used to look after their grandsons/ daughters or to cook in their houses.

And 60’s aged people were used only to look after children’s kids and bring them from schools. People who are in the 70’s become useless as there is no use from them. They will be adjusted to four wall rooms. People will get ill concerning their age and will die on someday with no happiness. It all says that we will have nothing great after we get old. Even we have so many people around we feel lonely.

So to all the elder people, everyone is busy in earning money. It is no use to adding some more money into their income from your income, it’s just a bonus to them. Instead, it’s good to spend your money on yourself is a better way to stay happy. Being busy for whole life there would be so many things that you might not experience, so if you spend your money on experiencing such type of things will give you peace of mind and satisfaction for your life. Explore the world and learn new things until your last breath.

Share this with every elder person and help them to create their happiness on their own.