Effect of Disruptive Technology in Common Life

Effect of Disruptive Technology
Effect of Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology or disruptive innovation is nothing but bringing the devolvement in the technology. We can simply say it is a ground-breaking thing to create completely new product. The same applies to real life too. The effect of Disruptive technology in common life is also quite the same. It affects many basic things in life.

Though it is good the world has been improving day by day because of the disruptive innovations. But somewhere there are some negative things that need thought. We have some must-read statements, which actually made us think about this disruptive technology/innovations.

Effect of Disruptive technology on common life

Must read statements

When I got habituated to television, I forgot the art of reading.
It’s when I brought the car, I forgot how to walk.
And, when I started using a mobile, I forgot how to write letters.
I forgot how to spell When I learned the computer
And, when I started sitting in AC rooms, I never thought to sit under a tree to get fresh air.
I forgot the value of the village when I got used to city life,
It’s when I started using banking services, I forgot the value of money.
And, when I got immersed in the smell of perfumes, I forgot the fragrance of real flowers.
Also, when I tasted fast food, I forgot the taste of traditional dishes.
When I got used to WhatsApp, I forgot how to talk with people.
Lastly, following this busy schedule of life, I forgot how to enjoy life.

True Lines

We have gone through the above line and felt that it is much important to follow the basic things in our life. After all, we have one life and we should make it beautiful in all ways.

Disruption: Disturbance or problems which interrupt an event or activity.

The meaning of disruption is so clear and it’s not groundbreaking in innovation but also does the same in daily life.

There is no wrong in the development of disruptive technology in this world. It all depended on us, it should be us to make sure we don’t forget our basic needs along with the development of technology.

  • To sum up, let’s not forget our ground rules or basic needs in life. Make a habit to enjoy every little thing of life and also appreciate the development of technology that this world bringing.