Kidney Cancer Types And Precautions

Kidney Cancer Types And Precautions
Kidney Cancer Types And Precautions

Role of the kidney:

Kidneys are the most important part of the human body.
They play a prominent role in pump pure blood to different parts of the body.

They also, produce hormones to prevent kidney blood pressures,

other diseases in the body and to help red blood cells.

Nowadays, people attacked by kidney cancer (renal cancer) at the age of 45.

Major Reasons for kidney cancer:

Overall, this is the problem that so many people in countries are now suffering and that everyone needs to be careful and also should be know everything behind this case.

By the survey from specialist’s
In male-30%
In female-25%
Smoking is the only thing that creating this kidney cancer.

2. The second reason is heavyweight—— obesity.
The people who are not maintaining and balancing their weights will face this cancer attacks.

3. High B.P
This is the main thing that people should aware of at their certain age to control this and protecting themselves from cancer.

4. Some medicines
Pain killers, aspirin, Ibuprofen, acetaminophen are also one type of creators of cancer.

5. Some other reasons
♦ People who are working in battery companies, paint companies,

welding portals will easily get cancer because of some harmful powders like

cadmium exposures in their workplaces.

♦ Dialysis patients also easily get cancers.

♦ Genes are another major cause of cancer.

Kidney Cancer Types And Precautions
Kidney Cancer Types And Precautions

The symptoms of kidney cancer:

•Red urine is the first and important symptom and also

•Loss of weight

•Loss of red blood cells

•Heavy back pains


•Regular fever

Stages of kidney cancer:

In general, we observe 4 stages of cancer with 3 components.
It may attack one or both kidneys.

Tumor node and metastasis will explain the size of the tumor and indicates which parts are attacked and which are going to be attacked.

In stage one and two the tumor will be 7c.m and may-be it has grown but it will still with-in the kidney.

In stage three it will be grown and attacks all other nodes and parts nearby kidney.

The final stage it attacks major parts

Controlling steps for kidney cancer:

We have to stop smoking and maintain a limited weight and control B.P.

Prevent harmful pills weather Doctors gave you relief for some time. Antibiotics will affect  your future health.

If your family has cancer patients, you should be aware of and keep track of your health by regular check-ups.

Kidney Cancer Types And Precautions
Kidney Cancer Types And Precautions

Treatment and tests required for kidney cancer:

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • CT Scan
  • MRI scan
  • Bone scan
  • Blood vessel test
  • Ultrasound scan

When people have doubts about their cancer, they need to take all of these tests, and they have a chance to cure this cancer.

Not just people with cancer, but everyone should prefer these types of tests at different stages.

Without proper health, no one leads their lives happily.

Follow every safety step and good health to make yourself to be ruled.