Tips for Preventing Stroke While Cold Bath

Preventing Stroke While a Cold Bath
Tips for Preventing Stroke While a Cold Bath

Stroke is a disease that is level 5 causes of death. It affects the arteries that flow to the brain. Blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the brain are when people get a stroke. We might hear many cases of stroke happen while we take bath with cold water. Because they are some reasons behind why cold bath often get us stroke. We bringing us those reasons and tips for preventing stroke while a cold bath.

Reason for stroke while cold bath:

Sometimes people faint and lose consciousness. This usually happens when your blood pressure drops suddenly, stops blood flow to your brain. We see this more common in old people. We also hear people having a stroke while they faint when bathing. There are not many cases about people having a stroke while they faint normally. Once in a Healthy Lifestyle course, a National sports council professor has advised that people should not wash their hair before taking a normal bath and should clean other parts of your body parts.

When people take shower their hair gets wet and cold, and the blood flows to the head will interrupt, which causes blood vessels to stretch in size and result in bleeding. Since it’s usually happening in the bathroom, so we should make sure to avoid such type of situations. One should follow some simple procedure to take a bath like

Tips for Preventing  stroke while a cold bath:

  1. Do not wet your hair directly, instead start from the sole.
  2. From there wet your small legs.
  3. Thighs.
  4. Abdomen
  5. shoulders
  6. Later pause for 10 seconds
  7. Then we should take a shower

This way we will feel steam flowing the whole body.

When our body temperature is very hot and the water was cold and if we wet our hair directly, this makes the blood vessels will be broken.

This is the main cause of why we see people suddenly faint in the bathroom. Due to this wrong bathing method, people may get a stroke or may cause a migraine.

This will affect any age groups especially those with diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and migraine/headache.