The Essence of Understanding and Compassion in Human Relationships

A man and a woman are standing on a broken heart, symbolizing the complex intricacies of human relationships.
A man and a woman are standing on a broken heart, symbolizing the complex intricacies of human relationships.

The ability to find the basic truths underlying human relationships is extremely valuable in today’s complex world. This teacher’s story, which he told his students, is a powerful lesson in the value of empathy and understanding in our interactions and decisions

One day, a teacher was telling a story in his class.
Once upon a time, there was a major accident on a ship in the middle of the ocean, and the captain ordered the passengers on board to evacuate. On the ship, there was a young couple.

When it was their turn to board the small boat, there was only one place for one person on the boat. At this time, the man pushed his wife out of line and jumped into the boat.
A woman standing on a sinking ship screams at her departed husband.

“What do you think?” the professor asked the student. “What did she say to her husband?”
Many students immediately said:

“That woman, I hate you!” I hate you!
Some students said: “You didn’t do it right.”
Some students said: “You lied to me.”
Almost all the answers are the same.

Without answering the question, the professor turned his attention to the silent student. The teacher asked him hopefully: “Tell me, what do you think a wife would say to her husband?”

The boy said, “I think she should have told him to take care of the baby!”
The teacher was shocked and asked the boy: “Have you ever heard this story?”
The boy replied: “No”. But our mother also said the same thing to our father when he was dying of illness.

The teacher smiled sadly and said: “Your answer is correct!
The professor continued the story: the ship sank, the wife died and the husband reached shore. When the ship sank, his only daughter stayed with her grandmother. He devoted his whole life to raising her.

Many years later, one day after the man’s death, while cleaning the house, the girl found her father’s diary. While her parents were on the ship, she was told by the doctor that her mother was terminally ill and had only a few days to live.

In that difficult situation, his father made the difficult decision to board the lifeboat alone.
My father wrote in his diary

A woman is covering her face with a man's hand, portraying an intimate moment that reflects the complexities of human relationships.
A woman is covering her face with a man’s hand, portraying an intimate moment that reflects the complexities of human relationships
“My life without you has no meaning.
I want to immerse myself in the sea with you.
But when we think about our beloved children,
I had to leave you alone. “

When the teacher finished telling the story, the whole class was silent.
In this world, there are many good things and many bad things. There are so many complex things that it is not easy to understand them.

This is why each situation, without knowing its depth, cannot be accurately assessed simply by looking from above. The person who apologizes before there is a disagreement is not necessarily the person who made the mistake. Maybe he thinks maintaining human relationships is more important.

Those who help you need not bow to your grace. Kindness and compassion are always in their hearts so they will help you. Life today becomes more difficult because we do not wholeheartedly understand people, and despise and criticize them. If we understand a little and show a little humanity it will show us the right path.

My dears, many times in life we cannot choose between false confessions. At this time, we need to connect with our hearts and then make the right choice. Because what your eyes see and what your ears hear is not the truth, but what your heart tells you is always the truth.