What Makes Relationship Don’t Want You To Know

What Makes Relationship
What Makes Relationship

This is a real story lately it is happening in most of all families nowadays. This is  a conversation and story between one family correlation. What is family values and relationship?


Coming to the story of a couple named Mr. Laxman and Mrs. Rani

Laxman is an employee, and in few days, he’s going to be retired.

His wife asked him after your retirement how much amount we will get? And he replied that I think we will get 1500/- Per month then Rani started thinking about their survival and needs.

She asked, at the moment your salary is in the thousands 

that we’re struggling to run our  family lot, but how do we manage 

with the hundreds after retirement?


He replied that we need to deposit my retirement fund 

in bank and we’ll be interested in  that money 

that we can lead our lives every month.

But again, does she have so many questions?

They’ve got two sons and two daughters, 

they got married and they got children again.

That sons and daughters are looking for this money (retirement fund). 


How they are asking and what is their actual plans

The first son is asked her mom to give that amount to me, I will buy a new lorry I can’t work as a driver and my kids also growing up if I have lorry on my own then I’ll get more profits.

Okay, wait there is some time I will discuss this with your father. she replied to her elder son.


But she’s not interested in that field, and she has 

so many questions about why she’s seen so many 

people get in the wrong way with this truck job, 

and they’re also dangerous.


Second son: He is the manager of a construction company. But he wants to start on his contracts with the retirement money of his father. Mother’s thought like he is a manager he is earning a good salary and had his own house. Why is he looking for these contracts?                                                                                                                

Her reply was the same to let me discuss it with your father.

Elder daughter: She already gave a hint that her daughter is in the final year of bachelors if she got a placement that will be fine. Or else she wants to go to the U.S for higher studies.


If you give us that money, she’ll go to the U.S. to settle, 

make her own money, and then  she’ll give you back. 

She doesn’t know about younger daughter’s plan.


She told everyone’s intentions to his husband and she gets relief from everyone.


He said he would see, but he also has lot of confusion. Daily in news, he is reading and watching about families and how sons are leaving their parents in their old ages.


Finally, the day has come

The retirement function was carried out with code of conduct 

by all other staff and  colleagues.

He came back home, and a small function had arranged by his family members.

Everyone is enjoying their party suddenly, a car has arrived at their home and his childhood friend was stepped down from that car

Laxman and her sons received him and welcomed him with wishes.


He’s very serious, and everyone asked him what had happened.

His reply has spoiled the joy from that place.


Your husband took money from me these promissory notes are the proofs. Long back when your daughter’s marriages have fixed, he took the money, and no one knows about that issues and then he promised me that he will give that money after his retirement fund has released.  

Everyone is shocked and silence has taken on prominent role. After everyone left one day Rani has asked Laxman,

what our position is now how we will spend our days with that 1500/-

Laxman said no worry we had two sons’ we will stay with them by sharing 6-6 months.

She replied, we did not give any assets to them and not your retirement money. I don’t believe them they will take care of us. Nowadays there is no money there is no relationship, Then he said why you’re very curious, let’s see.


Is their illation correct? what happened to them

In their first son’s house, after few days, 

they faced so many problems that they weren’t  in the right way with them, and the same thing happened

in the second son’s house. They returned to their home town.


The next day Mr. Laxman getting to ready go outside

His wife asked where you are going? he said I’m going to join a new job with my friend’s restaurant. Nobody can take care of us, the relationship depends on money.

She is happy that his friend is going to help them.


The end and theme of our story of a relationship

When Laxman came to his restaurant, Mr. Raja, the owner of the hotel, 

hugged him and  welcomed him to the room. After that, 

he showed the document here is your fixed deposit certificate.

And I have deposited them for 5 years and you will get interested every month.


You can keep those papers in this locker and be free like your owner for this restaurant. Never open-up this secret to anyone.


Laxman words:

Thank you so much for your idea, if you haven’t given me the idea that

I’m going to give money to my sons and daughters, 

my money is going to be spent, and after that, we’re going to have lot of trouble.


Here Laxman saved his money by small lie with his friend Raja help


This is a story and conversation in between family relationship if you like it share to others