What is Digital Intelligence Quotient? How it’s Important

What is Digital Intelligence Quotient
What is Digital Intelligence Quotient

What is D.Q

Digital intelligence quotient means Children can measure their ability to use digital media safely. The digital intelligence quotient is how well digital technology can be used responsibly and effectively.

The collaboration of digital achievement

  • Cognitive intelligence
  • Environmental intelligence
  • Technological intelligence
  • Social intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence

The most prominent intelligence that it will lead the society.

What is digital—-The innovation with mixed categories of bits of intelligence to face different demands and challenges of today’s digital world.

Innovation only implies a human person

How human brain ability and capability will create miracles to humans is that creativity is right

Lets we go in deep

How Digital Intelligence Quotient is Useful:

We need so many skills to run with this digital world, that sometimes we may miss some of the features of our taste in some existing things that we sometimes need new ones

How do you transform your idea? By digital intelligence quotient.

It will help you to find a way that never stops you at any movement of your journey.

In international research, they mentioned that a country would develop if people were to follow certain conditions with digitals.

  • Intellectuals

  • Resources

  • Youth

  • Political stability

Planning for Digital Intelligence:

Every individual has to be a sketch and clarity about their society and what will we able to give for our society.

The requirement that what today’s people seeking.

Institutions’ schools/colleges have to give motivations and awareness to students.

Because youth has an intellectual brain to keep growth on everything instead of giving materials blindly give them support to learn on their own then the student will develop with a creative brain.

Observation + Idea + collective thinking (with a group) + implementation = Formation of a new -scheme/technology/innovation/success.

You and the world have enjoyed the benefits.

The world will recognize you with your technology

and you will recognize the world with your ability.

Examples for Digital intelligence theme:

  • Verghese Kurien—-he is the father of the white revolution in India

He took it as a challenge about milk production, he founded the company and achieved his goal

His company name was Amul— Anand Milk Union Limited (GCMMF)

And this is the world’s first and highest milk production company

  • Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya—– In his college days he went to Jog falls with his friends all their friends talking about the waterfalls about beauty.

But he reacted to what a waste of energy had then decided to plan a turbine under that falls, and then it transforms into electricity, using more than 40 nearby villages that jog falls electricity

Steps for Digital Intelligence Quotient:

  • To make an innovative concept.
  • We need to go to the farms and the construction sites.
  • Knowing the problems of farmers and workers and then thinking about how to solve their problems through technology and the creation of machinery.
  • When there is a problem and we came to think about it, your brain (powerful weapon) will give you a straight key (bullet).
  • Try to continue to use your ideas and try again until you succeed.