Simplicity vs Over Pride : Human Nature

Human nature over pride
over pride

It always simplicity holds great value than pride. We brought this beautiful content “Simplicity vs over Pride, Human nature is all that matters”.

We have many species on earth and humans are the most populated species of mammal on earth.

Human Pride and Simplicity:

Humans consider themselves to be the most superior to all other species. But you know? Human intelligence is ranked as third where mice and dolphins stood 1st and 2nd. This shows humans’ pride.

Humans are distinguished in many ways from great apes and species on earth. Especially it’s a highly developed brain that’s distinguished humans and also popular. Human thought procedure is the main reason for the human evolution that happened seven billion years ago.

You guys may be surprised for this sudden abstract on humans and may have thought that why we kept the sudden discussion on humans or humans brains, right? because it’s necessary to know that, humans use their brains only to create the most amazing things in this world but lacked in creating the best characterization within themselves. We humans think the best ways possible for changing this world into most useful, but we can’t use the same brain to change our many negatives hidden in ourselves.

Simplicity vs Over Pride, Human Nature is All that Matters:

What is the use of having a brain when we can’t even change some of the things in ourselves?

Feelings and emotions are the best things in human beings. We as humans adapt some of these things into ourselves and that creates a unique character that differs from person to person. We can happily lead this so-called Life which is stress-inducing game if we habituate for some sort of feelings and emotions. But life is never like what we expect. Along with some beautiful emotions, we also acculturated some negative emotions like pride, vain, anger, apathy.

Vain is one of the bad emotion which develops ignorance in humans. We see some people make immediate opinions on other’s life and judge them, which creates space between the two. And we have egoism and arrogance to add more spiciness to those heated arguments. This is the life cycle of those negative emotions that we adapted in ourselves and that can be started with pride or vain.

There is a quote on human pride which is a fact.

 “The only thing worse than human ignorance is human pride in that ignorance”.

If we look deeply

  • We starve for food if we stay hungry for just half a day.
  • And suffer indigestion if we have little more than the usual quantity.
  • Also, We can’t survive without air and water.
  • We can’t tolerate cold, wounds, scars and even we can’t bare fever.

Look how delicate the human body, on one point these are a weakness of the human body and we all know about it but still, we want so-called pride in our life. Maybe that’s the human.

If we once think about the above content ourselves, we would build up a great character choosing simplicity over pride, humanity over selfishness, peace over anger and love over hatred.

It’s not too late to change yourselves if you think that there is something negative within us. This is after all as we are humans.