Innovate Idea Creates History, How is Possible?

Jeffrey Preston Bezos,Innovate Idea Creates History
Jeffrey Preston Bezos

“Innovation is a change that unlocks new value”.

What if we follow instead of leading in a new way? Well, there is no guarantee for miracles.

It’s an old fact that “Only one will be creating history, rest will just follow”. What are we going to get if we keep following other life plans?  Dreams always need to be innovative to create miracles.

There is a man who made people run to in his innovative business instead of running to people.

It might be interesting to know his innovative idea, right?

Story of his Innovation:

He desired to run a business where he wants to sell his products to the public, but in an innovative way. The thought of selecting the most demand full place and decorating the shop seemed old fashioned to him. Therefore, he thought of bringing something new.

His mind popped up with an excellent idea, which is using the internet for his business. Those days were where people are attracting to the internet and he cashed it. He designed the best app where he can sell his products online and get paid online.

We know about people will be quite attractive to such type of things. Well, who will not when things coming to us without any effort.

After that, he goes no turn backs. Today his business became the world’s biggest retail business. His annual income is 136 billion dollars in 2016 and his company has 3, 41,400 employees.

Who could it be? I guess most of you have already guessed.

And yes, he is none other than Mr. Jeffrey Preston Bezos and the innovative business is nothing but Amazon online marketing platform.

It all about one new thought, today it made him the richest person. What if like everyone else he thought of opening any mall in a busy city for his business then he might not able to get all the tags like the richest person in the world and so on. He made one innovative thought and spread his business in this world being no.1 Dealer.

Most importantly, he believed in himself that he can implement what he thought of doing something different.

Hats off to Mr. Jeffrey Preston Bezos (Amazon Founder)

Every one of us must adopt such a type of mindset in ourselves. This will make us stand at greater heights.

In our life, if we want to be rich, if we want to go to greater heights, if we want a good name, our actions should speak high. If we want to do that great works then, our thoughts should be great. He is a great visionary man and mastermind person. His management skills are amazing

In short, “Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”.