Help: A Path to a Joyful Life


The path to a joyful life with help. Get the support you need to live your life

The interview is being done by the TV, the anchor asked the millionaire guest, “What made you the happiest?”
Joyful life
Joyful life

The millionaire said, “I have seen happiness in four stages of my life. I have finally been able to understand what true happiness is. Life is other’s service, every moment’s a thrill, life is good.

In the first stage, I took pleasure in assembling wealth and luxuries. But I’m not as happy as I thought.

In the second phase, I started collecting the most expensive (luxury) items. But even the happiness that comes from them is temporary!

I realized that “the pleasure gained through those precious objects that caused the wistfulness did not last long.

The third phase also includes large projects such as the purchase of football and cricket teams and the purchase of luxury tourist resorts. But even here, I could not get the happiness I expected for a long time.

And that fourth step was: my friend asked me to buy some wheelchairs for the disabled children. I forgave the friend’s wish and bought them.


But my friend came with him and insisted that I give them to the children myself. I finally agreed and went with him.

The distribution program was done by my hands. I noticed sparks of joy and light in the eyes of those children. I saw the children sitting in wheelchairs and turning around happily. I saw them all entertained, as if they had gone on a picnic for something.

But eventually, I had to say goodbye to them and had learned how to live a joyful life and what true happiness was by the time I left.

A child stopped me by twisting my legs. I looked down to gently release it. However, the boy looked into my face as a test and tightened his grip even more.

I leaned over and asked the kid, “Do you want anything else?” she told that

Help and support

I want to remember your face well. Because when I meet you again in heaven, I want to remember you, and then thank you once again.

The answer given by that child not only made me truly happy, but it also changed my life. Now I am living a joyful life and I am lucky for life and providing services has made my easier.


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