Omg! The Best Everything Is Ideal For Us Ever!


The “spider” is ideal for us to build another nest by threading threads without taking revenge on the demolished person.

The “waves” that recede with masculinity no matter how many times they fall are ideal for us.

The “plant” that breaks the ground for germination is ideal for us.

The “arrow” is ideal for us, aiming towards the target with no obstacles in front of us.

The “clouds” that cover the sun, even if the opponent is large, are ideal for us.

The “kite” that tries to catch the sky despite knowing it is impossible is the ideal for us.

The “flower” that fills the fragrance around us is the ideal for us.

The “tree” is ideal for us as it gives us a cool shade that bears no matter how hot it is.

The pathetic “needle” is the ideal for us to combine the two when they are separated.

The “sun” that shines all day long is an ideal for us that the world should not be dark because of him.

No matter how small he is, the “ice” that satisfies his thirst is ideal for us.

The “moon” that spreads the cool moon is ideal for us even though it is dark all around us.

The ideal is for us to have a “dog” who is faithful to birth once he has put the rice in.

The ideal is for us to be like “butterflies” that live happily ever after.

The “swan” that drinks only milk in the milk mixture is ideal for us, telling us to absorb only the good in everything.

Every “heart” that is constantly striving for the good of life is an ideal for us.

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