What is Life to You? What Choices Make Your Life Worth?

What is Life to You? What Choices Make Your Life Worth?
What is Life to You? What Choices Make Your Life Worth?

Have you ever figured out what makes your life worth? What is life according to you? They say that life is from B to D which means from Birth to Death. But what’s between B and D? It’s a C which means a Choice, our entity is a matter of choices. The choices we made will eventually decide our entity. It can be either worthy or disaster.

Well, everything in life is a reflection of our choices. Sometimes we might regret them and sometimes we might proud of them, this is a process of ups and downs of life. When this concept of making choices is playing a vital role in life. So, one does want to know how to make the right choices that make living worthy, right.

In particular, there will be always some peak times where we have to make decisions. It might be something emotional or something that decides an important thing in your entity. In such cases, one must make the right move. So, why not we know some of those delicate times?

Spirit of Continuing to Do

People face many situations which put them in extremely bad conditions. It might be regarding their work or the most important things or regarding some other people who mean a lot. In such cases, if people opted to quit from fighting to get what they want or opted to leave the work or to leave the person would be the wrong choice.

People should maintain a restlessness behavior to get what they want in life. One should indulge in fighting nature and spirit of continuing to do no matter what. Leaving something good just because you can’t tolerate it anymore is never be a good choice.

For example, there are some trees which always have alive roots. Even after cutting that tress, those roots will always give birth to another plant. This can be stated as a power of nature which says that I will not die, I will do. It is a spirit. Humans should indulge such type of spirit.

What is Life to You? What Choices Make Your Life Worth?
What is Life to You? What Choices Make Your Life Worth?


A Right Thought

An idea/ A thought can change so much about life.

A Seed is a Tree, A tree is a fruit. Likewise, every good thought is a seed.

Indeed, the impact of thoughts is very high on a good life. Where do these thoughts come?  It might be from something you read, something you see like a movie, drama, something you surf on the internet. People should be clear on those thoughts that how they impacting your life. Do they going good or not is what one should always take care of.

Choosing wise thoughts and implementing them in life is needed and makes life worthy. Remember that only when you process through a good thought keeping bad aside, you can get fruitful life.

Taking Charge of Your Entity

Dependency is not at all worthy. It is your entity and you should be the in-charge. People should know what they want for having a meaningful/successful life. If you don’t have a goal/aim if you don’t have assessments of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. If you don’t plan your life then what are you going to achieve?

Goals are not that someone makes for you. When it about your life you should be capable of work on it too. It should be your choice to work on yourself and plan.

Besides, these, we face many situations where our decisions matter most. Knowing what is good and bad one must always make the right choice.

Also, one no need to follow someone to earn something. We can have our thoughts on growing in our entity. If you want a different result, make a different choice.

In conclusion, being alive is a matter of choice. And, every choice you make, makes you.

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