Your Strength is Your Deity – The Real Story

your strength is your deity
your strength is your god

Over the centuries, this world has been developed so much. Even though technology, fashion taking most of the credit of it, people never stopped believing in traditions, culture, and god. Following traditions and culture is the most important thing when it comes to Indians after all, India is the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and other religions. These cultures and traditions have renowned all across the world latterly.

Deity (god) only belief for goodness. Most of the Indians believe in god. More than 80 percent of Indians are Hindus and over 13 percent are Muslims, remaining goes for other religions. Every religion has its deity. Our deity is our strength.

  • Hindus believe in their god and goddesses who has many faces depending on caste and location.
  • Muslims believe in their singular god Allah and follow Islam.

Likewise, we have our own belief on our deity, we show faith in him, we pray and we wish, but what exactly deity means? Ever thought of it? Do we have an apt answer? May be many people will fail when they ask this question to themselves.

When I thought about this question I got my answer which is…

For me, God is nothing but a hope that everything will be alright when we are at a bad phase.

God means faith that we are not alone in this world when we feel lonely.

God is someone to complain when no one understands you.

Deity is my strength to fight against the bad things.

All over god is a great belief within me which makes me stand strong in life for everything.

It doesn’t matter whether he exists or not but I believe that he exists in my thoughts which makes me stand firm.

A basic fact that when we believe someone watching us and helping us to win over everything, we will fight for it by putting ourselves into it. This is nothing but building up confidence in yourself. For me, god is someone who helps us to build that confidence ourselves. Your strength is your deity.

There is a small story about belief on god

Once a Country ruler got three questions in his mind about a deity

  1. From which direction god watch us?
  2. Where does God live?
  3. What does he do?

He couldn’t get the right answer by himself, so announced in his country that anyone from scholars, scientists, intellectuals who can answer his question should gather around him. He offered price for them who answer and punishment who couldn’t.

On fear, no one has arrived, but one shepherd has arrived at that king and ordered that “The person who asks is always a student and the person who says is always a master, so I will be seated in your chair and you stand in my place”. King has politely obeyed and given his chair to that shepherd.

Now when the king asked his 1st question, from which direction god watch us?

Then Shepherd showing the fire lamp, asked the king that which direction does that light looking?

King answers every direction, then shepherd said that God is also the same, he exists in every direction.

When the king asked his 2nd question, where does god live?

This time Shepherd said to bring a glass of milk and asked the king to tell where the ghee exist in this milk

King explained the process of exacting the ghee from milk, then shepherd said that god will also exist in your pure heart the same like ghee exist in this pure milk, when we need ghee we exact that form milk, the same way when you need help he will be your belief.

And when finally king asked his 3rd question, what does God do? Shepherd answered that I am one shepherd and you a great king, now I am in your chair and you are at my place, God has got us into this situation, these all are just god things.

Everyone got surprised and the king felt happy for shepherd answers

God exists in ourselves, our pure heart is our God.