Importance of Farmers: What Issues They Face

Importance of Farmers: What Issues They Face
Importance of Farmers: What Issues They Face

Farmers and issues that they face. We bringing up this topic to let you all know the importance of Farmer, what Issues they face.

 If you ate today to say thanks to farmers

It’s not at all easy to do farming. Is it? people struggle to work for 6 to 8 hours sitting in AC rooms. But here farmer works for a whole day irrespective of seasons. He has no weekends to spend some quality time, he has no holidays to enjoy festivals. But he never quit feeding this world. That’s the Greatness of a farmer. Know more importance of farmers

A farmer works so the world can eat. Farmers are the most important in this society because they are the only source who can provide food and fiber that nourishes and clothe us. In this sense, farmers are the people who help us to survive.

Agriculture is the toughest job when compared to the remaining jobs. Farmers have to be treated as our gods for occupying such a difficult job and to never give up on this.

There are many countries where 60% of the economy has been decided by agriculture. China, India, U.S.A, and Brazil are said to be the topmost countries that produce more food. These countries export and import food in large content.

So one must need to treat farmers as the most important person for society.

Importance of Farmers

To know the importance of farmers we must be aware of how agriculture has been playing a crucial role in our day to day life.

  • Agriculture is the only source and a primary source of food products all over the world. All the major food substances like carbohydrates, proteins, and oils are produced through this agriculture.
  • We search for food once we woke up for the day. People consume food three times a day. If we think about the amount of food will be consumed per day, it might be unnumbered. So what if there is no existence of a farmer?
  • As we know that there are many food substances that we consume, it takes a lot of hard work to produce them. We use carbohydrates to an extent as these supply energy to all living beings. To grow such carbohydrates it takes lots of hard work. Undoubtedly, farmers are good at it.
When you can’t imagine food without carbohydrates, then don’t imagine this world without a farmer.
  • It’s not only carbohydrates but we consume fats & oils, proteins, fruits and vegetables which takes a lot of time for production. There has to produce with utter care and it takes all the time of one’s farmer.
  • That’s the reason why farmers work till the job gets done irrespective of day or night. They spend there the whole time at farms without even having sleep to take care of those plants.
  • Imagine how people’s food habits have got changed a lot nowadays. The farmer needs to do more work according to the percentage of the food intake and the varieties that have been used per modern food items.

Even though the farmer is an important person for human survival, farmers are the least bothered by the public. They won’t get paid monthly like many of the software employees and they won’t deal with crores for owing the farm like many businessmen. They play a very crucial role in everyone’s life yet they face so many problems in the form of money and selling their goods.

Issues that every Farmer faces

A Doctor gets paid up to 60 thousand and the teacher gets paid up to 40 thousand and one engineer gets paid up to 80 thousand, but farmers sometimes they failed to get even in thousands.

  • Farmers have to put investment on their farms to produce many food products. But the major issue is they failed to get agricultural loans which the government provides.
  • Many farmers invest themselves even they don’t get loans but gets disappointed with the income they get.
  • The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything in retail and sells everything at wholesale and pays the freight both ways.
  • Re sellers of the products which farmers sell will be sold out with a good income but the farmer failed to get that much when he sells that to re sellers. It a complete injustice and it’s still going on.
  • We simply go to the market and buys with the price whatever they say but in the background, they get those products for wholesale amounts from farmers. The hard work has been done by the farmer but income has been enjoyed by re sellers.
  • It feels like heartbroken when we don’t get paid enough for what we did. This kind of farmer issues had led many farmers to commit suicide.
  • Many farmers have lost their life committing suicides in many countries for these loan issues and income issues.
  • The percentage of suicide has been more than 50% in the past years.

How to prevent these farmers issues

These things have to be taken care of by every individual government. If the farmer is the rich, so the nation. Also, if anyone sees a farmer selling their products, buy them with no doubt and that helps a lot.

In conclusion, once think what if the farmer never treat feeding the nation is important? Think if farmers decide to produce food for only themselves as they won’t get enough income and even won’t get any right justice. It puts many of us in danger and we will know what is starving for food.

In the first place, respect farmers and know the importance of them.