Suicide is not the Only Option: Komal Ganatra Story

Inspiring Story by Komal Ganatra
Inspiring Story by Komal Ganatra

My name is Komal Ganatra, Savarkundla in the Amreli district from Gujarat is my place. My father is a teacher by profession. Keeping all the discrimination on women’s in my village, my father always used to encourage me to study hard. Being a teacher by profession, he used to discuss studies always even in the home.

Maybe that’s the reason I always stood top in every subject. After completing my 10th and Intermediate in Gujarat Medium School, I have completed a Diploma in Rajkot Govt Polytechnic College. From there I pursued BA Literature in Sanskrit, Hindi and English languages from three different Universities and I got my Primary Teacher certificate. By that time, I have already completed 25 years.

My relatives and neighbors started questioning my parents regarding my marriage. By ignoring their words, I started concentrating on my Civils. During this time, the marriage bureau got a match from Rajkot, who is the only son in their family and well settled in New Zealand.

My father felt proud thinking that his daughter will settle in foreign. Even I felt happy imaging my beautiful life with him in New Zealand. With plenty of dreams, I entered my In-Laws home. Soon I entered they started demanding more dowry like car, money, bike, etc. They used to beat me when I said that my father can’t give more dowry as he gets very less salary.

They tortured me a lot. Since I didn’t obey their demands, they planned to leave me. One day they asked me to sleep outside of the house and when I am in sleep, my husband locked the house and traveled back to New Zealand along with his parents.

He needs to be punished#

I had no choice left other than going home. It’s been only 15 days of my marriage, Since I came alone, my parents thought I got homesick. Once they heard the truth, they were all broken and my mother got sick.

I used to sit in front of my In-Laws house thinking that my husband may come by changing his mind. I tried so hard but failed to find his details in New Zealand. I never got mad on him for leaving me because of dowry, but couldn’t digest the fact that he cheated on me.

I promised myself that I will find him anyway and reached the marriage bureau for his details but they refused to give. I thought of filing a case against him in a nearby police station but my mother was sacred for losing our pride in society, so I filed a case in New Zealand police station and mailed them on the same but there is no response from anyone.

I wrote a letter to Governor-General and they replied saying that they will find my husband details but they didn’t take any actions.

It’s been six months of this incident, all these days I spent my life with no food and no sleep. I used to boost up myself and started my studies. I only concentrated on my studies but god has no stone left unturned to make my life hell.

Even though my parents thought to take my responsibilities on their head but my brother’s wife used to say words against me. I got no patience to bare those words and I felt its not right to stay in my home by killing my self-respect.

Far away to everyone#

I got the courage for myself in me and started searching for teaching jobs, and soon I got a contract teacher post for 5000 salary in Bhavnagar which is 50 km away from my village. Since I am single women no one showed interest to rent me a room, but somehow one of my student’s parents understood my past and allowed me to stay in their house for rent.

Apart from doing my job, I concentrated on Civils preparations but since it is a small village there is no facility on the internet, smartphones. One day I got to know about the Sardar Patel academy in Ahmedabad who gives free training for Civils on weekends.

Soon I joined that academy and used to travel 170 km by changing 4 buses from Bhavnagar. As usual, people used mock at my backside because I used to come midnight by completing my training. Even though I am tired of people mocks and my tight schedule. I never skipped any day at my job as well as my training.

Four Hard Trails#

For the first time in 2009, I attended the UPSC entrance exam. I was not expecting any good rank because all these days I used to travel for my training sessions and my job. As expected I was not qualified in the exam.

I gave a second trial with full dedication but couldn’t make it through. It was quite sad, and people used to say that it’s not such an easy thing. However, I never left my hope and gave the third trial in 2011. Even this time, it’s a repeated fate.

Day by day my hopes got reduced but still, I managed to get some courage and gave my fourth trail in 2012. I prepared even more effectively, Maybe god also tired of my failures so this time I got qualified with 591st rank. I couldn’t believe it for some time and its happiest moment in my life.

After this hard 5 years of my life, I went back to my home proudly. People who used to mock at me have appreciated me for my success. Everything has been changed and for a good. Later I got appointed as an Administrative Officer in DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) in Delhi.

Also, I came to know that my In-laws are back from New Zealand. So I went to them and I felt my success again seeing them feel so regret. I gave divorce to my husband.

And 4 years back from now a well-settled person came forward to marry me. We have 2 years girl child now and we are a happy family.

People think to commit suicide for small bad phases in life, to those people all I want to tell that suicide is not only the option. Who have those thoughts please remember my story. Myself Komal Ganatra.

Point to think:

Suicide is not only an option for one’s problems. Instead, the one should always need to get the courage to live on.


1: To look down on women’s

2: Don’t believe in NRI matches easily

3: Don’t get disappointed by failures, keep trying

4: People always try to degrade us, never care about those people.