Bitter Gourd Helps to Kills Cancer Cells

Bitter Gourd Helps to Kill Cancer Cells
bitter gourd helps to kills cancer cells

Bitter Gourd helps to Kill Cancer Cells. Do you believe it? Yes, it is confirmed now and clinically proved that it is useful to prevent cancer.

There are nearly 17 million new people have been diagnosed with cancer worldwide in 2018. Also, there is a prediction that the count will be 27.5 million new cases of cancer each year by 2040. Undoubtedly, it’s a hard thing to digest.

Also, the Prevention of Cancer is one of the most important health challenges. Reducing the cancer risk factors including diet, physical activity, and nutrition will help to prevent 40% of cancer So don’t be careless, Prevent cancer by taking small measures in daily life.

Food habits can control substances that create some diseases in our body. So, every person should start taking care of there food habits. when it comes to cancer, recently a professor had made shocking comments saying that bitter gourd helps to kill cancer cells and he gave an apt explanation. come let’s have a look at what he explained he made.

Prof Chen Hui Ren from Beijing Army General hospital has confirmed that hot Bitter Gourd (karela) kills cancer cells.

Cut 2-3 thin slices of bitter gourd n put in a glass, pour hot water. And, water will become alkaline. Drink it every day. This procedure is useful to everyone.

Hot water + bitter gourd will release an anti-cancer substance from our body. This is a new development in the world of natural medicine which is useful in treating cancer.

Also, both extracts will affect the cyst and tumor. Its already proven that it can help to cure various kinds of cancer.

And, Using bitter gourd in treating cancer will only kill the malignant cells of the tumor. It will not affect any healthy cells.

Besides, amino acids and polyphenol oxidase in bitter gourd can balance high blood pressure, blood circulation and reduce blood clotting, It also prevents the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis and balances blood glucose.

To summarize, habituate the good food habits to get rid of diseases.